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          Petitioner’s Administrative Claim Against the FDIC                          
               On February 8, 1993, petitioner filed an administrative                
          claim with the FDIC, as the receiver for First City Bank, in the            
          amount of $3 million.  On July 13, 1993, petitioner amended his             
          claim to $2.5 million plus interest.  On January 26, 1994,                  
          petitioner’s claim was denied by the FDIC for failure to provide            
          sufficient information to support a provable claim.                         
          Petitioner’s Complaints Filed in U.S. District Court                        
               Petitioner retained the services of Leonard Simon (Mr.                 
          Simon), a commercial litigator and bankruptcy attorney, who                 
          evaluated several potential causes of action against the FDIC as            
          receiver for First City Bank.  On March 28, 1994, petitioner                
          filed a complaint against the FDIC alleging four causes of                  
          action:  (1) Count I:  Breach Of Warranty, (2) Count II:  Texas             
          Deceptive Trade Practices - Consumer Protection Act, (3) Count              
          III:  Tortious Interference, and (4) Count IV:  Conspiracy.  On             
          August 18, 1994, petitioner filed an amended complaint alleging             
          an additional cause of action entitled Count V:  Breach Of The              
          Duty Of Care Owed By A Pledgee Of Stock.  We refer generally to             
          petitioner’s complaint and amended complaint as petitioner’s                
               Petitioner’s amended complaint contained a section entitled            
          “The Facts” which recited relevant facts serving as the basis of            

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Last modified: May 25, 2011