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          to the bank, and that the balance of $42,400 will be escrowed               
          with the bank to pay real estate taxes and any special                      
          assessments on the Lawrence Drive property (emphases supplied)              
          and to reduce the balance of the construction loan and mortgage             
          to $360,000.                                                                
               The amendment also sets forth a revision of the provision              
          regarding release of liens by Bank One, Green Bay, reading as               
                    The Bank agrees to release any liens that it may                  
               have on the property located at 625 Lawrence Drive, De                 
               Pere, Wisconsin, that are the obligation of the Company                
               [WLC] and against 917 MacDonald [sic] Street, Green                    
               Bay, Wisconsin that are the obligation of DeCleene.                    
               The terms of the foregoing transactions among WLC and                  
          petitioner and Bank One, Green Bay assured that WLC would pay no            
          amounts thereunder until it received the McDonald Street                    
          property, that WLC would have no personal liability with respect            
          to the Lawrence Drive property or financing while the Lawrence              
          Drive property was titled in its name or at any time thereafter,            
          and that all transaction and other costs with respect to the                
          McDonald Street and Lawrence Drive properties would be paid by              
               Section 1001(c) provides that the entire gain or loss on the           
          sale or exchange of property shall be recognized.  Section                  

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Last modified: May 25, 2011