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                                         - 4 -                                          
                                    FOX & FOX, S.C.                                     
          CONTINGENT FEE AGREEMENT:  (Case involving Statutory Fees)                    
                        *     *     *     *     *     *     *                           
               II. CLIENT TO PAY LITIGATION EXPENSES                                    
                    The client will pay all expenses incurred in                        
               connection with the case, including charges for                          
               transcripts, witness fees, mileage, service of process,                  
               filing fees, long distance telephone calls,                              
               reproduction costs, investigation fees, expert witness                   
               fees and all other expenses and out-of-pocket                            
               disbursements for these expenses according to the                        
               billing policies and procedures of FOX & FOX, S.C.  The                  
               client agrees to make payments against these bills in                    
               accordance with the firm’s billing policies.                             
               III.  THE ATTORNEYS’ FEES WHERE THERE IS NO SEPARATE                     
                    PAYMENT OF ATTORNEYS’ FEES                                          
                    In the event that there is recovered in the case a                  
               single sum of money or property including a job that                     
               can be valued in monetary advantage to the client,                       
               either by settlement or by litigation, the attorneys’                    
               fees shall be the greater of:                                            
                    A.   A reasonable attorney’s fee in a contingent                    
                         case, which shall be defined as the                            
                         attorneys’ fees computed at their regular                      
                         hourly rates, plus accrued interest at their                   
                         regular rate, plus a risk enhancer of 100% of                  
                         the regular hourly rates (but in no event                      
                         greater than the total recovery), or:                          
                    B.   A contingency fee, which shall be                              
                         defined as:                                                    

          CONCEPTS”.  Sec. V sets forth a justification for the provisions              
          of the agreement that is couched in terms of obviating the                    
          potential for conflicts of interest between the attorneys and the             
          client by creating an identity of economic interests of attorneys             
          and client in the prosecution of the claim.                                   

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