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          (hereinafter Lorna) filed their petitions, they resided in                    
          Spokane, Washington.                                                          
               In 1981, Paul, a graduate of Wesleyan University and Yale                
          University, worked for the New England Nonprofit Housing                      
          Development Corp.  In August 1981, Paul, along with Lorna and                 
          their children, moved to Spokane, Washington, to aid his father               
          in developing several real estate properties and in handling his              
          father’s financial matters.  Paul performed those services from               
          1981 until his father’s death in 1983.2  In 1984, Paul helped                 
          settle his father’s estate.  From 1981 to 1984, on account of the             
          services performed for his father and the settling of his                     
          father’s estate, Paul withdrew funds from a joint account bearing             
          his name and the names of his father, his mother (Doris Kropp),               
          and Lorna.  Paul treated the withdrawn funds as income on his tax             
          returns for those years.  Paul and Lorna used the withdrawn funds             
          for their household’s living and medical expenses.                            
               After the estate was settled, Doris Kropp owned several                  
          tracts of undeveloped land, two health/sports facilities, a                   
          condominium, and a brokerage account consisting mostly of                     
          municipal bonds.  Paul and his sister, Karen Harte (Mrs. Harte),              
          each received $600,000 from their father’s estate.                            
               Soon after the death of her husband, Doris Kropp encountered             
          mental health problems and currently resides in a nursing home.               

               2  Paul’s father died in an automobile accident.                         

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