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          and the case was rescheduled for the Court’s June 5, 2000, trial              
               On May 31, 2000, petitioners’ counsel filed another motion               
          to continue.  In addition to reciting information contained in                
          previous motions, this motion provided that new information                   
          regarding the whereabouts of Ms. Luca had been obtained and that              
          an effort to contact her was underway.  The motion was calendared             
          for hearing on June 5, 2000.  Prior to such hearing, respondent               
          filed a motion to dismiss for lack of prosecution.                            
               At the hearing on the respective motions, the Court was                  
          notified that both petitioners’ counsel and respondent had                    
          attempted to contact Ms. Luca at addresses different from the                 
          Scottsdale, Arizona, address listed on the petition.  Counsel for             
          petitioners had unsuccessfully attempted to contact Ms. Luca at               
          2101 West Warm Springs Road, Apartment 3216, Henderson, Nevada,               
          89014 (Warm Springs address), the address listed for her on                   
          petitioners’ divorce decree.  Respondent had unsuccessfully                   
          attempted to contact Ms. Luca at 1457 Harmony Hills Drive,                    
          Henderson, Nevada, 89014 (Harmony Hills address), her last known              
          address of record with respondent.                                            
               In addition to the addresses described above, the existence              
          of a third potential address for Ms. Luca was mentioned at the                
          hearing.  Counsel for petitioners informed the Court that he had              
          received a phone message from Mr. Luca in which Mr. Luca claimed              

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