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               Petitioner wife (Mrs. Nissley) graduated in 1983 with a                
          bachelor of science degree in accounting from Indiana University.           
          She was licensed as a C.P.A. in 1985.                                       
               Upon graduating from college, Mrs. Nissley began employment            
          with Price Waterhouse, where she worked full time, providing                
          consulting services (related to financial systems) to Fortune 500           
          companies.  At the time that she resigned from the firm in 1991,            
          she was a senior manager.                                                   
               After her resignation from Price Waterhouse and through the            
          middle of 1994, Mrs. Nissley served as the director of                      
          information systems for Administar Information Technologies of              
          Indianapolis, Indiana, earning $57,467 in 1994.  Thereafter,                
          through the end of 1994, Mrs. Nissley was self-employed as a                
          business consultant, earning a net profit of $23,193 (based on              
          gross receipts of $31,735 and total expenses of $8,542) for that            
          year.  Her combined salary and net profit from self-employment in           
          1994 was $80,660.                                                           
               In January 1995, Mrs. Nissley obtained a full-time position            
          as president and chief executive officer of Pathway Family Center           
          of Southfield, Michigan (Pathway), a nonprofit, health-care                 
          organization dedicated to the treatment and prevention of                   
          substance abuse by adolescents.  Mrs. Nissley continued to hold             
          this position at the time of trial (November 1999).  Her salary             
          for 1995 and 1996 was $75,010 per year.                                     

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Last modified: May 25, 2011