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                    other documentary evidence establishing the existence of Four WS                                                                                       
                    TT01, describing Four WS TT01, or showing who owned or had                                                                                             
                    authority to act on behalf of Four WS TT01.  Moreover, although                                                                                        
                    Mr. Chisum signed the original indenture’s signature page, he did                                                                                      
                    not do so on behalf of Four WS TT01; he signed only as a                                                                                               
                    “Witness”.9  Indeed, no one signed the original indenture on                                                                                           
                    behalf of Four WS TT01; the name of that entity is merely                                                                                              
                    typewritten on the signature page.                                                                                                                     
                              Mr. Chisum claims that Four WS TT01 resigned as petitioner’s                                                                                 
                    trustee on October 1, 1991, and was replaced on that date by                                                                                           
                    “Hamilton & Baxter, L.C.” of Florida (Hamilton Florida).  Mr.                                                                                          
                    Chisum also claims that Hamilton Florida in turn resigned its                                                                                          
                    trusteeship on May 19, 1993, and was replaced by “Hamilton &                                                                                           
                    Baxter, L.C.” of Arizona (Hamilton Arizona) as successor trustee.                                                                                      
                              The record contains copies of documents dated October 1,                                                                                     
                    1991, that purport to evidence Hamilton Florida’s acceptance of                                                                                        
                    its appointment as successor trustee.  It also contains a copy of                                                                                      
                    a document dated May 19, 1993, that purports to evidence Hamilton                                                                                      
                    Florida’s resignation and consent to the appointment of Hamilton                                                                                       
                    Arizona as successor trustee.  However, these documents were                                                                                           

                              9 The record does contain copies of some “minutes” for                                                                                       
                    petitioner, executed on the same date as the original indenture,                                                                                       
                    which Mr. Chisum signed over the title “Managing Agent” of Four                                                                                        
                    WS TT01.                                                                                                                                               

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