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               Petitioner is an independent representative of various                 
          school suppliers.  Customers did not typically enter his                    
          apartment for business.  Rather, customers would telephone orders           
          through petitioner’s toll-free 800 number or via facsimile.                 
          Petitioner traveled to various locations across the country to              
          meet with school representatives to sell school supply products.            
          Petitioner kept boxes of literature, samples of textbooks or                
          computer software, and office supplies in the apartment.                    
          Petitioner also used a storage area in the basement,                        
          approximately 8 feet by 12 feet, to store boxes of literature,              
          sample products, and office supplies.  Petitioner did not store             
          items of inventory in the apartment or the storage area.                    
               Petitioner uses the smaller of the two bedrooms,                       
          approximately 10 feet by 10 feet, as his primary office.  This              
          room is cluttered with office furniture, literature, files, and             
          office supplies.  He did not have an office located outside of              
          this apartment.  The master bedroom is petitioner’s bedroom,                
          approximately 11 feet by 15 feet.  This room is furnished with a            
          nightstand and bed which petitioner uses at night.  Petitioner              
          stacked boxes of miscellaneous files and supplies in the corner             
          of the master bedroom.  The living room, approximately 17 feet by           
          12 feet, and dining room, approximately 8 feet by 9 feet, are               
          petitioner’s “work space” where he packages materials and fills             
          envelopes, and conducts other office work.  There is also a large           

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