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          some type of presentation folder.  The sales price of these                 
          newspapers varies depending on the condition, content, and date             
          of the newspaper.  The evidence presented by the parties reflects           
          that the average price for an old newspaper in the retail market            
          is between $25 and $40, although issues reporting significant               
          events generally sell for much higher amounts.6  Additionally, an           
          individual newspaper may retail for a higher amount depending on            
          the presentation of the newspaper.7  Daily and Sunday comic                 
          sections are also sold in the retail market to individual                   
          consumers interested in specific characters or strips.                      
               The other market for old newspapers is the wholesale                   
          market.8  Generally, purchasers in the wholesale market consist             
          of newspaper collectors and newspaper dealers interested in                 
          purchasing a collection of newspapers.  Collectors generally                
          purchase a newspaper collection for their own personal use, while           
          dealers will purchase a collection in order to sell individual              
          issues in the retail market.  In order for dealers to sell                  

               6For example, a newspaper dated May 23, 1934, might retail             
          for $95 due to its reporting the death of Bonnie and Clyde,                 
          whereas a newspaper from May 26, 1935, might retail for $40 due             
          to its reporting of Babe Ruth hitting his 714th home run.                   
               7For example, a newspaper presented in a clear vinyl                   
          portfolio would generally retail for much less than the same                
          newspaper presented in a gold-leaf frame.                                   
               8For purposes of this case, we use the term “wholesale” to             
          refer to a market where collections of newspapers are sold to               

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