Estate of Pattie Welder Edwards - Page 12

                                       - 12 -                                         
                    The legal stuff is the legal stuff but I know what                
               my mother meant and I know what my sister and I meant.                 
                              *    *    *    *    *    *    *                         
                    Q    And would it be fair to describe your                        
               understanding of this agreement with your mother that                  
               you can’t really put a specific date on when you--when                 
               the agreement was reached that you would be able to                    
               lease this for the rest of your life.  It was just                     
               something that was understood by you and your sister                   
               and your mother?                                                       
                    A    As far as putting an actual date * * *  No.                  
                              *    *    *    *    *    *    *                         
                    A    It’s a family deal, and you know when you’re                 
               sitting and drinking coffee and whatever and talking to                
               your mother you hear stuff.                                            
                    Q    Sure.                                                        
                    A    And she says stuff, and I don’t know how else                
               to say this, but a fact’s a fact.                                      
          On cross-examination, Edwards testified:                                    
                    Q    Well, you do agree, do you not, in connection                
               with that last question that the terms of the                          
               memorialized post-death leases were substantially                      
               different from the existing leases and the alleged oral                
               options, don’t you?                                                    
                    A    Yes.                                                         
          Edwards acknowledged that the terms of the postdeath leases                 
          allowing hunting were not authorized by his mother and were                 
          contrary to her long-held adamant opposition to the use of the              
          ranch properties for hunting.                                               
               Carson testified, in response to the estate’s counsel:                 
                    Q    Have you been able to and can you identify a                 
               specific date certain or dates certain that you and                    

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