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                                        - 4 -                                         
          commenced on January 1, 1995, and extended through January 1,               
               As part of the agreement, Pepsi agreed to provide certain              
          monetary support to the theater company based upon its purchases            
          of Pepsi products.  Pepsi agreed to pay 65 cents for each gallon            
          of postmix product purchased by the theater company.  The parties           
          designated this type of incentive as flex funds.  The agreement             
                  NATIONAL ACCOUNT PRICES AND FLEX FUND ALLOWANCES                    
                         *    *    *    *    *    *    *                              
               All standard flex funds will accrue on a semi-annual                   
               basis and will be paid to the Customer accordingly.                    
               The Customer will receive all $.65 per gallon under the                
               flex fund program, which will be deemed earned by the                  
               Customer upon payment by Pepsi-Cola of the Flex Funds                  
               to the Customer.                                                       
          Pepsi also provided marketing support to the theater company at             
          the rate of $2.05 for each gallon of postmix product purchased.             
          The parties designated these funds as marketing funds and                   
          provided as follows:                                                        
                                   MARKETING FUND                                     
               During each year for the Term of this Agreement, Pepsi-                
               Cola will accrue a marketing fund (“the Marketing                      
               Funds”) at the rate of $2.05 per gallon on all Postmix                 
               Products purchased by the Customer during each year.                   
               Pepsi-Cola will pay these Funds to the Customer each                   
               year within 60 days after the completion of each 6-                    
               month period, starting from the anniversary date and                   

               4  At the time of trial, Mr. Harkins was negotiating a new             
          agreement with Pepsi.                                                       

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