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          had participated in the last two of those efforts.  Each time the           
          activity was terminated after 2 years.  Mr. Landrum says he                 
          stopped the activity the first time because he was in the                   
          military and left the area of his Amway activity.  He mentions              
          that the birth of petitioners’ first child had something to do              
          with terminating Amway the second time.  Nevertheless,                      
          petitioners’ own testimony establishes that they never made any             
          significant amount from three previous Amway efforts.  They tried           
          different approaches.  In the first effort, Mr. Landrum sold some           
          product but did not enlist “downline” distributors.  The second             
          effort, in 1977-1979 was, according to Mr. Landrum, “just kind of           
          a break-even deal.”  During the third effort, in 1985-1987,                 
          petitioners built up their downline distributorship to include              
          more than 50 people, but as Mr. Landrum explained, “they weren’t            
          doing a lot of product”, and consequently, once again there was             
          no profit.                                                                  
               The obvious question is why after three strikes petitioners            
          did not call themselves out of Amway permanently.  They have                
          provided no satisfactory answer.  Instead, they explain that in             
          1995 they were introduced to Amway again.  Mrs. Landrum testified           
          that they were “personal friends” with people that were doing               
          Amway successfully, so they thought they also could succeed.                
          These “personal friends” were upline seven or eight steps from              

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Last modified: May 25, 2011