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          claims.  Petitioner continued to talk to people about mining, to            
          read about mining, and to go to meetings about mining during this           
               In 1986, petitioner and a local real estate attorney,                  
          Darrell Clark, representing Great Western Basin Corp. (Great                
          Western), negotiated a mining lease.  The lease was conditioned             
          on testing and sampling of petitioner’s claims.  An independent             
          geologist prepared a report for Great Western that set forth                
          numerous recommendations and conclusions.  In September 1986,               
          petitioner and Great Western entered into a lease whereby                   
          petitioner agreed to lease his mining claims to Great Western for           
          the purposes of prospecting, exploring, drilling, mining, and               
          operating the property for ores and minerals.  Great Western made           
          no payments to petitioner, however, and defaulted on the lease.             
               In 1988, petitioner began consulting with Kent Kjelberg at             
          the Rattlesnake Mine in California.  Petitioner provided                    
          extensive equipment and knowledge to the Rattlesnake Mine.                  
          Petitioner was not paid for the use of his equipment or for the             
          information he provided, but he was promised a portion of the               
          income produced from the Rattlesnake Mine.  Ultimately,                     
          petitioner received only an old grader.                                     
               In or about 1988, petitioner began to disengage from his               
          pharmaceutical activities at Zila and began spending more time on           
          his mining activities.                                                      

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