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          Mr. Von Kalinowski specialized in the fields of antitrust law and           
          complex litigation, and over the years he has authored legal                
          treatises on these subjects.  From 1972 to 1973, Mr. Von                    
          Kalinowski served as chairman of the antitrust section of the               
          American Bar Association.                                                   
               Petitioner moved in with Mr. Von Kalinowski in October of              
          1979, and the couple married on June 29, 1980.5  At the time of             
          their marriage, petitioner was 32 years of age and Mr. Von                  
          Kalinowski was 64 years of age.  Petitioners remained married at            
          the time of trial.                                                          
          Standard of Living                                                          
               Both prior to and following the couple’s marriage, Mr. Von             
          Kalinowski maintained petitioner in what can be reasonably                  
          described as an affluent lifestyle.  Throughout their marriage,             
          the couple has resided in a townhouse located in Los Angeles,               
          California (the residence), which Mr. Von Kalinowski purchased in           
          1979 for $342,290.  At all relevant times, Mr. Von Kalinowski               
          maintained a membership at the Los Angeles Country Club.  Mr. Von           
          Kalinowski also made a number of gifts to petitioner around the             
          time of their marriage.  He allowed petitioner to use one of his            
          vehicles until he purchased a new BMW automobile for her in 1980.           

               5  Petitioners did not enter into an antenuptial agreement,            
          nor have they entered into any post-nuptial agreements concerning           
          their property.                                                             

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