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          as office manager and corporate secretary and eventually took               
          over most of Barbara’s duties.  By the late 1980's, Barbara would           
          typically work 2 to 3 days per week.  She continued to receive a            
          weekly paycheck from petitioner during the period from 1983 to              
          1989, in amounts ranging from $225 per week in 1983 to $375 per             
          week in 1989.                                                               
               There was tension between Barbara and Walter after their               
          divorce that was apparent to other employees of petitioner.  The            
          tension grew during the late 1980's, causing some disruption in             
          petitioner’s office.                                                        
               Effective May 1, 1989, Barbara agreed to retire from                   
          petitioner and rendered no further services after that date.                
          Also on that date, Barbara executed two agreements:  (1) An                 
          agreement between herself and petitioner entitled “Pension                  
          Agreement” (Pension Agreement); and (2) a “Stipulation, Agreement           
          and Order” between herself and Walter (Settlement Agreement).               
          The Settlement Agreement concerned the settlement of the                    
          respective rights and obligations of Barbara and Walter following           
          their divorce; it was captioned to reflect their divorce                    
          proceedings and also signed by a judge of the Family Court of the           
          State of Delaware.  The Settlement Agreement made specific                  
          reference to, and attached a copy of, the Pension Agreement.                
               The Pension Agreement, executed by Walter on behalf of                 
          petitioner, provided in relevant part as follows:                           

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