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          supplies, pointe shoes, clothing, VSA’s tuition, and other                  
          expenses.  Essentially, petitioners took care of any expense                
          Jennifer had, including medical bills.                                      
               Jennifer’s contract with Aspiring Artists purports to be a             
          talent-agent agreement.  The contract states petitioner’s                   
          responsibility to pay for Jennifer’s supplies, commuting, dance             
          classes, and other expenses.  According to its terms, the                   
          contract required that Jennifer pay $488 a month to Aspiring                
          Artists to help pay for tuition at VSA and other related costs.             
          Petitioners’ daughter was allowed to pay less than $488 per month           
          if Aspiring Artists determined that she was “overburdened”.                 
          Jennifer paid less than the $488 for the first 3 months of the              
          contract, October, November, and December of the year in issue,             
          because her parents decided that it was important for her to                
          spend her time focusing on end of the year performances.                    
          Jennifer’s contract included a “four-year out” provision that               
          bound her to pay 10 percent of “gross dance-related income” over            
          the first 40 months (four 10-month dance seasons) of her ballet             
               Petitioner contacted professionals in the dance industry               
          inquiring about the best method of getting an aspiring dancer a             
          permanent job with a dance company.  Petitioner focused his                 
          energies on securing a job for his stepdaughter. Petitioner,                
          however, failed to develop other aspects of Aspiring Artists such           

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