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          Cameron) was the den mother and Braun Michael Cameron                       
          (petitioner) was the scoutmaster of BSA 524 during the years in             
          issue.  Petitioners have one daughter who was not involved with             
          the Boy Scouts of America.  In 1996 petitioner purchased                    
          equipment to strip and repave the parking lot of the Shiloh                 
          Baptist Church, the sponsor of BSA 524.  Through the parking lot            
          repavement project, which was not completed until May 1997, scout           
          members were able to receive merit badges for their work.                   
          Petitioners used their own financial resources to purchase two              
          stripping machines and various supplies necessary for the parking           
          lot repavement project.  After the completion of the project, one           
          stripping machine was donated to the church and the other was               
          given to Mrs. Cameron’s father.  Petitioners were not reimbursed            
          for the cost of the equipment or supplies to complete the parking           
          lot repavement project.                                                     
               At trial, petitioners provided a two-page document                     
          describing their purported charitable contributions for 1996.               
          Listed in this exhibit were the following:                                  
          Dec. 1996    Purple Heart clothing (18 bags)           $3,200               
                    Purple Heart furniture (several pieces)      1,800                
                    Salvation Army street                        60                   
                    Goodwill Ind.                                400                  
                    Lolita Perry                                 2,935                
                    United Way                                   1,190                
                    Twanda–cash                             375                       
                    Braun--payroll                               120                  
          In addition to the above, petitioners provided a self-created               
          document itemizing donations, made with the following                       

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