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          maintains that she was abused by Mr. Collier in that she suffered           
          from constant verbal and mental abuse from Mr. Collier during her           
          marriage to him.  In support of that contention, Ms. Collier                
          relies on Ms. Stotts’ statement and the unsworn statement of a              
          psychiatrist, Ronald J. Garson, M.D. (Dr. Garson’s statement).              
          As for Ms. Stotts’ statement, Ms. Stotts provides her opinion in            
          that statement that Mr. Collier “caused mental and verbal abuse             
          to both Sandrus [Ms. Collier] and their son” (Ms. Stotts’ opin-             
          ion).23  We are unwilling to rely on Ms. Stotts’ opinion, which             
          we find to be conclusory and lacking in any specificity as to the           
          facts on which she bases her conclusion.  As for Dr. Garson’s               
          statement, all that statement contains is the following:                    
                    Ms. Sandrus Collier has been under my [Dr.                        
               Garson’s] care for treatment of depression since Janu-                 
               ary, 1993.  At that time, she was dealing with the                     
               stress of separation and divorce.  Subsequently, she                   
               recovered from the depression and is now much improved.                
          Dr. Garson’s statement makes no reference to Ms. Collier’s having           
          been abused by Mr. Collier.  We do not find that Dr. Garson’s               
          statement establishes that Mr. Collier abused Ms. Collier during            

               23According to Ms. Stotts’ statement,                                  
               While Sandrus [Ms. Collier] and Clai [Mr. Collier] were                
               married and even after their separation, Clai caused                   
               mental and verbal abuse to both Sandrus and their son,                 
               Rusty (Clai V).  Sandrus began therapy soon after                      
               separating from Clai.  She had become a co-dependent of                
               Clai’s behavior and actions.  He had so much control                   
               over her that it was very hard for her to “break away”.                
               * * *                                                                  

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