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                                        - 6 -                                         
               During the period June 11 through July 1, 1993, petitioner             
          was an admitted patient at the Modesto Psychiatric Center.  The             
          admitting and final diagnosis of the attending physician, John J.           
          Jacisin, M.D., F.A.P.A., characterized petitioner as suffering              
               AXIS I:  Atypical bipolar disorder, depressed                          
               Delusional disorder [unspecified - admission]                          
                                   [persecutory type - discharge]                     
               AXIS II: Obsessive compulsive, histrionic traits.                      
               The narrative portion of Dr. Jacisin’s report concludes:               
          “Throughout hospitalization he was fixated on his business                  
          concerns and becoming bankrupt.  Conversation with the family               
          indicated the situation was not nearly as severe as he proposed.”           
               The report of an office visit by petitioner to Thomas W.               
          Luck, M.D., on April 7, 1994, states the following primary                  
          impression:  “Major depression and paranoid schizophrenia--                 
          currently well controlled.”                                                 
               A letter dated August 5, 1994, from Dr. Jacisin to Dr. Luck,           
          in support of a request for additional insurance coverage for               
          office visits, states in part:                                              
               Since my last letter to you of May 13, 1994, concerning                
               Mr. Horn’s progress, he has gradually become                           
               increasingly more anxious again, returning to a state                  
               in which he is beginning to tremble over his entire                    
               body.  This is correlated with filing of Chapter 11 for                
               his business.  The bank has now taken over the                         
               business, drastically reducing his salary and his                      
               ability to support himself and his family.  Other                      
               family members and employees who he felt in the past                   
               were in total denial of what was going on are now                      

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