US Tax Court Opinions 2002

Case NameReleased
Meda Smith1/2/2002
Charles C. Allen, III and Barbara N. Allen, et al.1/4/2002
Estate of Donny David Doster1/4/2002
Barry R. Downing and Mary A. Downing1/7/2002
Walther Guerrier, Jr.1/7/2002
Sigitas J. Banaitis1/8/2002
Richard E. Marks1/8/2002
Robert Griffin and Julia Griffin1/8/2002
George Tsakopoulos and Drousoula Tsakopoulos1/9/2002
Robert A. and Sheila D. Routon1/9/2002
Dale A. Rinehart and Jeana L. Yeager, f.k.a. Jeana L. Rinehart, et al.1/9/2002
Howard and Linda Levine1/10/2002
James Edward Crawford1/10/2002
Kevin P. Osborne1/10/2002
Stephen R. Barker1/10/2002
William J. Phillips, Jr. and Matrona A. Phillips1/14/2002
James & Marilyn Wadnizak1/14/2002
George H. Richards1/14/2002
Simone Joye1/14/2002
Franklin A. Ogden1/15/2002
Angela C. Morris1/16/2002
Framatome Connectors USA, Inc.1/16/2002
Eugene J. Monaghan1/16/2002
Braun Michael and Twanda B. Cameron1/17/2002
Mark Christopher and Nancy Louise Corcoran1/18/2002
Mark Ernest and Esther Rubke1/22/2002
William G. and Debra C. Kellen1/22/2002
Monty Bisceglia and Patricia Bisceglia1/22/2002
Garry D. Acuncius and Danalene L. Acuncius1/22/2002
Frank de Bane and Kathleen Naber-de Bane1/22/2002
Sarah A. Bland-Barclay and Francis Barclay1/22/2002
Michael Graham1/24/2002
Larry D. Johnson1/24/2002
Harley Gunderson1/25/2002
Gerald H. Klawonn1/25/2002
Ann M. Lassiter and Estate of Henry A. Lassiter1/25/2002
Thomas R. Camerato1/25/2002
Drew Allen Rayner1/28/2002
South Tulsa Pathology Laboratory, Inc.1/28/2002
Orin F. Farnsworth and Mary L. Farnsworth1/28/2002
Steven K. Stoddard and Ellen M. Stoddard1/30/2002
Estate of Keith L. Gurr1/30/2002
Eugene Clark1/30/2002
Estelle Kersh1/30/2002
Christopher Joseph Bush and Robin Leigh Pickering2/4/2002
David Llewellyn and Kay Marie Rose2/5/2002
Estate of Richie C. Heck, Deceased , Gary Heck, Special Administrator2/5/2002
John N. Shelton, Jr.2/6/2002
Sidney C. Shaw2/6/2002
David C. Jonson and Estate of Barbara J. Jonson, Deceased2/8/2002
Alexandra S. Yankwich, f.k.a. Alexandra Y. Capps2/8/2002
Tom and Louise Kappus2/8/2002
Steven M. and Karen Arhontes2/8/2002
Andrew J. and Marilyn Welch2/11/2002
Haffner's Service Stations, Inc.2/11/2002
Capital Video Corporation2/11/2002
Patricia R. Carpentier2/12/2002
Willamette Industries, Inc.2/12/2002
Andrew Heisey2/12/2002
Roxie Lee Jackson2/12/2002
Michael R. and Sheila Olsen2/12/2002
Audrey A. Carlisle2/13/2002
Maria Sofia Benitez2/13/2002
Harold Wapnick2/13/2002
Frank Franklin2/14/2002
Bryan K. Gauthier2/15/2002
Richard J. and Phyllis Bot2/15/2002
Armando Vega2/15/2002
Gloria J. Spurlock2/15/2002
Michael E. Nestor2/19/2002
Karen Boyd2/19/2002
Lon A. Bjornstad2/20/2002
Joseph D. and Mi Jung Park, et al.2/21/2002
Tae M. and Young J. Kim2/21/2002
Terry K. Mann2/21/2002
Jeffrey S. and Susan L. Duffield2/25/2002
Wing Yiu Kwan2/25/2002
Vernice B. Kuglin2/25/2002
Dean and Rosalie Monahan2/25/2002
Lee G. Gale2/27/2002
Terrell Equipment Company, Inc., et al.2/27/2002
Interex, Inc.2/27/2002
Diane Marie Murdoch2/27/2002
Henry A. Julicher2/27/2002
Anthony N. and Marie M. Finazzo2/27/2002
Dale I. Dirkes2/28/2002
Richard G. and Carolyn J. Newhouse2/28/2002
Gene C. Smith2/28/2002
Hilton H. Hackley3/1/2002
Oliver W. and Edna D. Wilson3/5/2002
Robert E. McKelvey3/5/2002
Alcmene and Peter Haloftis3/5/2002
Mildred I. Criss, et al.3/5/2002
Barry and Carolina Gustin3/7/2002
Hunt & Sons, Inc.3/8/2002
Joseph E. Simanonok3/11/2002
Matthew K. Morgan3/11/2002
Sunoco, Inc. and Subsidiaries3/15/2002
Johnnie Ann Holliday3/19/2002
Electronic Arts, Inc. and Subsidiaries3/22/2002
Yu-Yang Wu3/22/2002
Melea Limited3/22/2002
David D. Brayshaw and Nora D. Brayshaw3/22/2002
Rodney L. Burr3/25/2002
Antonio and Joyce Rosario3/26/2002
Gary G. Gage and Carrie M. Gage3/26/2002
Robin E. Schmidt, a.k.a. Robin E. Tripaldi3/26/2002
Dale A. Rinehart and Jeana L. Yeager, f.k.a. Jeana L. Rinehart, et al.3/26/2002
Karen Ann Cicchini3/26/2002
Square D Company and Subsidiaries3/27/2002
John G. and Janice E. Parker3/27/2002
Zacharia and Rawa Hadri3/27/2002
Richards Asset Management Trust, et al.3/27/2002
Herbst Asset Management Trust, et al.3/27/2002
Thomas Lou Harris3/27/2002
Christine M. Hackl3/27/2002
J. Michael and Susan Reimer3/28/2002
Terence M. Taylor3/28/2002
Larry J. and Patricia A. Sumrall3/28/2002
Estate of Earl C. Koester, Deceased, Carol C. Fortney and Roger D. Fortney, Personal Representatives3/28/2002
Domer L. Ishler3/28/2002
Stanley Howard3/28/2002
Norma A. Ramirez-Ota3/28/2002
Estate of William G. Adams, Jr. Deceased, George W. Saenger, Executor3/28/2002
Estate of Aldo H. Fontana, Deceased, Richard A. Fontana and Joan F. Rebotarro, Co-Executors3/28/2002
Peter and Mary Possas3/29/2002
Curtis and Marie Bennett3/29/2002
Guido Lemos and Adabelle Herrera-Lemos3/29/2002
Stewart L. and Patricia A. Welch3/29/2002
Randal W. Howard4/1/2002
Emil P. Tolotti, Jr.4/1/2002
Gregory Scott West4/1/2002
Stephen and Patricia Lindsey4/2/2002
David Washington4/2/2002
Janet L. Wiest4/2/2002
Wallace F. and Mi-Ja H. Smith4/3/2002
Vonnie W. Gillispie4/3/2002
Wayne A. and Marykay Weishan4/4/2002
Ronald J. Lutz, Jr. and Paula M. Lutz4/4/2002
Stephen J. Major4/4/2002
Gerald R. Grace4/4/2002
William L. Richter4/5/2002
Holly Ruocco4/5/2002
Rubin Whitfield, Jr.4/8/2002
FPL Group, Inc. and Subsidiaries4/8/2002
Robert Hurford and Catherine Simone Hale4/8/2002
Steven Genoris Wilkerson4/8/2002
Debra L. Chase4/8/2002
Estate of Paul Mitchell, Deceased4/9/2002
David H. and Suzanne Hillman4/9/2002
Michael J. Yacksyzn4/9/2002
Robert Lee Jr.4/9/2002
Andantech L.L.C., Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, Inc. (f.k.a. Norwest Equipment Finance, Inc.), Tax Matters Partner, and Wells Fargo & Co., A Partner Other Than the Tax Matters Partner, et al.4/9/2002
Karl Paul Vossbrinck4/9/2002
Joseph R. and Diana K. Trudel4/15/2002
Hien X. Pham4/15/2002
Barry John and Deborah Lee Houston Mangels4/15/2002
Richard T. and Margie Wagner4/15/2002
Lauren C. Jackson4/15/2002
William A. Wheelis4/16/2002
Jennifer Ann Rogers4/18/2002
John C. and Tate M. Todd4/19/2002
M. K. and J. C. H.4/22/2002
James J. Coyle4/22/2002
Prudential Overall Supply4/23/2002
John H. Webster4/24/2002
Virginia L. Dimon4/25/2002
Sam and Anna Zhadanov, et al.4/25/2002
Keith M. Rudman4/29/2002
Impact Research Corporation, Joan C. Benz, Tax Matters Person4/29/2002
Jon R. Ecker4/29/2002
Susan P. Obersteller4/29/2002
Jerry L. Thomas and Freda Thomas4/30/2002
International Capital Holding Corp. and Subsidiaries5/1/2002
Thu Cuc Thi Huynh5/1/2002
Neil T. Nordbrock5/3/2002
Elena Swain5/3/2002
Ted L. Williams5/3/2002
Kyle L. and Carol B.Thornton5/3/2002
Thomas W. Roberts5/3/2002
Michael J. Gentner5/6/2002
George A. and Hilda Quintero5/6/2002
Mark J. Steel and Connie J. Steel5/6/2002
Kelly V. Kaeckell5/7/2002
Herbert Donald Singer5/7/2002
Roger Steven Lewis5/7/2002
James Joseph Timmerman5/9/2002
Daniel R. and Margaret J. Kallmyer5/9/2002
Carl L. Richey5/9/2002
Donna J. Collins5/9/2002
Brad L. Barnhill5/13/2002
Tan Dang and Ke T. Chaw Dang5/13/2002
Peter J. Tkac5/14/2002
Dennis Katz, D.D.S., P.C.5/14/2002
Gerald L. and Erma L. Dunnegan5/14/2002
Estate of James G. Frazier, Deceased, James G. Frazier Jr., Executor5/15/2002
James R. and Myrtice L. Peacock5/15/2002
Estate of Morton B. Harper, Deceased, Michael A. Harper, Executor5/15/2002
Thomas William McAdams5/15/2002
Manuel and Luella J. Delara5/17/2002
KRP, Inc., Roy G. Johnson, Tax Matters Person5/22/2002
Geraldine M. and Arthur F. Reid5/22/2002
Edward Kenneth Metcalf5/22/2002
Eddie Cordes, Inc., et al.5/22/2002
Asa Investerings Partnership, Alliedsignal, Inc., Tax Matters Partner5/22/2002
June Cordes, et al.5/22/2002
Michael T. Caracci and Cindy W. Caracci, et al.5/22/2002
Zabetti A. Pappas5/23/2002
James V. and Judith M. Patterson5/23/2002
Bennie and Catherine Delgarito5/23/2002
Beech Trucking Company, Inc., Arthur Beech, Tax Matters Person5/23/2002
Rafael Barajas5/28/2002
Julius Lee Harrington and Mary Lou Ziter5/28/2002
Bill L. and Nancy L. Turner5/28/2002
James S. & Denise D. Goodfellow, Daniel R. & Claudia Goodfellow, James B. & Nancy B. Goodfellow5/28/2002
Olde Raleigh Realty Corporation5/29/2002
Warren L. Baker, Jr. and Dorris J. Baker5/29/2002
Alan M. and Marcia F. Schulman5/29/2002
Harry J. Sullivan5/29/2002
Ray C. and Bernadette B. Baas5/29/2002
Sam Ervin and Ella M. Ervin, et al.5/30/2002
Shade D. Coleman III and Maria M. Coleman5/30/2002
Frank and Barbara Biehl5/30/2002
Gene and Ciao Newman5/30/2002
Thomas Edward Vanstone5/30/2002
Robert Lee and Rebecca Waters5/30/2002
Bert LaRue and Michelle Nolen5/31/2002
Eugene I. and Leonarda T. Valdez5/31/2002
Raymond B. Magana5/31/2002
Gwendolyn A. Ewing5/31/2002
John A. and Donna L. Rowe5/31/2002
George A. and Delores Cooper5/31/2002
Steve M. and Khristine Norton, et al.5/31/2002
Robert L. Stewart5/31/2002
Michael Buchsbaum5/31/2002
David and Theresa Smeton6/3/2002
Daniel J. and Ruth E. Tapio6/4/2002
Susan L. Castle6/6/2002
Waylon D. Ary6/10/2002
Rodney Noble and Jo Marie Payton6/10/2002
Leo J. Polack6/10/2002
Milagros Z. Gueco6/10/2002
Charles H. Addis and Cindi Addis6/10/2002
Philip A. Saunders6/10/2002
Sandrus L. Collier6/10/2002
Arthur McGee6/11/2002
Michael White6/11/2002
Walter J. & Virginia L. Ward, et al.6/11/2002
Leigh Gill f.k.a. Tammy L. Gill6/11/2002
Steven K. Han6/12/2002
Richard A. Wilson6/12/2002
Malcolm Crow6/12/2002
Rodney J. and Noreen E. Blonien6/12/2002
Theldon and Mary Parrett6/12/2002
Joseph B. Zinn6/12/2002
Victor and Lorain Cisneros6/13/2002
Stephen and Sara Galligan6/13/2002
Wayne and Lois Hampton6/13/2002
Jeffrey and Virginia M. Hambarian6/13/2002
Harold F. Behling6/17/2002
Estate of Lewis A. Bailey, Deceased, Frances Jeanette Foster, Executrix6/17/2002
John Favia6/18/2002
Henry C. Boler and Sherry M. Boler6/18/2002
Gary L. Weiner6/18/2002
Michael Sawukaytis6/19/2002
Jose A. Salazar6/20/2002
Austin Eugene Chandler, Jr.6/20/2002
Estate of Melvin W. Ballantyne, Deceased, Jean S. Ballantyne, Independent Executrix, and Jean S. Ballantyne6/24/2002
Maurice C. Sainte-Yves6/24/2002
Louis S. and Laura L. Schnitzler6/24/2002
Thomas and Iris Tilley6/25/2002
Walter James Sims, Jr. & Sonia Gail Tolliver-Sims6/26/2002
John J. DeWald6/26/2002
Lucian T. Baldwin, III6/26/2002
Vernon J. Nicholas, III, and Micki Nicholas6/27/2002
Warbelow's Air Ventures6/27/2002
Gregory M. Bestor6/27/2002
Frank George6/27/2002
William F. Middleton6/28/2002
Sylvester Monroe, Jr.7/1/2002
Harvey Doyne Perry, Jr.7/2/2002
Wayne A. McFadden7/2/2002
Michael G. and Kate M. Lavigne7/2/2002
Mohamed Barrie7/2/2002
James F. and Dorothy A. Davis7/3/2002
Roger Stoewer7/8/2002
Marie G. and Michael L. Pacheco7/9/2002
Harold T. and Francesca Redman7/9/2002
Robert and Clara Satriana7/10/2002
Barnett Banks, Inc. & Subsidiaries7/10/2002
Scott T. Nobles7/11/2002
Robert C. and Carol S. Jacobsen7/11/2002
Michael A. and Teresa F. Albach7/11/2002
Juan El Khouri and Kitty Hunter7/12/2002
David J. Edwards7/12/2002
Thomas S. Russo7/12/2002
Atoumane Ndoye7/15/2002
Jane H. and Leroy W. Hess7/16/2002
Sonja and David Brown7/16/2002
Donnell Floyd7/17/2002
Metro Leasing and Development Corporation, East Bay Chevrolet Company, a Corporation7/17/2002
Jack Chien Ching Huang7/18/2002
Craig A. and Roseann B. Miller7/19/2002
Donald G. and Beverly J. Oren7/19/2002
J. Kelly and Martha L. Anderson7/19/2002
Joyce H. Sams7/19/2002
Jeffrey and Karen Winter7/22/2002
Evelyn Perkins7/22/2002
Robert and Lisa Morganstein7/23/2002
Christopher Wagner7/23/2002
Frederick M. and Cheryl A. Prouty7/24/2002
Michael Sponberg7/29/2002
Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company7/29/2002
Willie Banks7/29/2002
Charles M. Fatta and Mary T. Oleske7/30/2002
Nimia Maria Ramos7/30/2002
Frederick Leroy McGee, Jr.7/30/2002
Richard B. Crow7/30/2002
John W. Hauck, Jr.7/31/2002
Charles Y. and Jin Y. Choi7/31/2002
Roger and Jean Muldavin7/31/2002
Gary Gougler7/31/2002
Wesley W. and Patsie Burnett7/31/2002
Rainer B. and Sonja D. Wagner7/31/2002
Estate of Frances C. Glover, a.k.a. Frances C. Cloud, Deceased, Kevin Holleran and Wilmington Trust Co., Administrators Pro Tem8/2/2002
Glen A. Blair8/5/2002
Jacquelyn Brown8/5/2002
Paul V. & Dorothy S. Kazunas8/5/2002
John W. Schroeder, Jr.8/5/2002
George W. Earnshaw8/5/2002
Daniel Joseph White8/5/2002
Timothy Scott and Anya Frances Anthony8/6/2002
James T. Higdon8/6/2002
Phil E. Anderson8/6/2002
Teresita T. Daiz8/6/2002
Thomas R. Hochschild, Sr.8/7/2002
Steven L. and Laura J. Chambers8/7/2002
Willie R. Davidson8/7/2002
Lawrence Moore8/7/2002
Shalom J. & Daniel F. Bonham8/7/2002
Thomas E. Johnston and Thomas E. Johnston, Successor in Interest to Shirley L. Johnston, Deceased, et al.8/8/2002
Robert M. and Nancy I. Stewart8/8/2002
Perry H. Kay, Sr.8/8/2002
Gay M. Pfister8/8/2002
Charles J. and Hyla J. Portaluppi8/12/2002
Timothy Thomas and Janice Kathleen Kuberski8/12/2002
Nathaniel Carter8/12/2002
Tracy Jodette August8/12/2002
Victor Grigoraci and Judith A. Grigoraci, et al.8/12/2002
Michael Schaper8/13/2002
Dennis M. Mudd8/14/2002
Billye S. Cannon8/15/2002
James D. Horn8/16/2002
Michael R. and Sheila Olsen8/16/2002
Theodore A. Pride8/16/2002
W. Richard and Janice J. Morgan8/20/2002
Donnie F. Schroeder8/20/2002
Michael T. & Leone Carey8/20/2002
Sandra L. Andary-Stern8/21/2002
Richards Asset Mgmt. Trust, et al.8/21/2002
Herbst Asset Mgmt. Trust, et al.8/21/2002
Claudia J. Dunn8/22/2002
Robert M. and Pamela Price8/23/2002
Helen Hubbard8/26/2002
Estate of Marie L. Concordia, Deceased, Edward C. McReady, Executor8/26/2002
Terrell Equipment Company, Inc., et al.8/27/2002
Lander Gibson8/27/2002
Jared R. and Naylene M. Nield8/27/2002
Dan B. Isaac8/28/2002
Edward Reiss8/28/2002
Adell Maxie, Jr.8/29/2002
Ginger Harmornick9/3/2002
Bernardo Paz9/3/2002
Stanley K. and Sandra B. Evanko9/3/2002
Ronald L. Heidrick9/3/2002
Michael J. Roberts9/4/2002
Royal and Shelly Spence Wiley9/4/2002
Kevin and Bridget Naughton9/4/2002
Edward A. Robinson III and Diana R. Robinson9/5/2002
William C. and Cheryl M. Fowler9/6/2002
Nevia Campbell9/6/2002
Terri Armstrong9/9/2002
Dennis Stewart9/10/2002
Brandon Christopher Merriweather9/10/2002
Roy and Margaret Eliason9/10/2002
Joann Bramante9/12/2002
Nathan Jaramillo and Davina Metzgar9/13/2002
Terri L. Steffen9/13/2002
Rowland G. and Valerie J. Pilaria9/16/2002
Richard M. Schafer & Diane M. Wooten9/16/2002
Joseph M. Grey Public Accountant, P.C.9/16/2002
Michael A. McGrath and Frances Y. McGrath9/18/2002
Samuel S. Lee9/18/2002
Joseph D. Park and Mi Jung Park, et al.9/18/2002
Calvin E. and Carol D. Neymeyer9/18/2002
Maurice C. Wilson and Dorris E. Wilson9/19/2002
Robert B. and Daisy A. Miley9/19/2002
Robert R. Villwock9/19/2002
Jon D. Dezagottis9/23/2002
Estate of Marion P. Bradford, Deceased, Lizette L. Pryor, Executrix9/23/2002
Tam N. Huynh9/23/2002
Delbert C. Getman9/23/2002
Robert Ancira9/24/2002
Robert M. Johnson and Janna D. Begole, f.k.a. Janna D. Johnson9/24/2002
Peter M. and Susan L. Hoffman9/24/2002
Clyde E. Hack and Carole J. Hack9/25/2002
William Wilson9/25/2002
John Thurman and Elaine Sheryl Horejs9/25/2002
Clyde E. Hack and Carole J. Hack9/25/2002
John Thurman Horejs9/25/2002
Estate of Theodore R. Thompson, Deceased, Betsy T. Turner, Executrix9/26/2002
Lance Standifird9/26/2002
Antonio and Joyce Rosario9/26/2002
Cedric K. and Madelyn D. Nunn9/30/2002
Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Ltd., Naimoli Baseball Enterprises, Inc., Tax Matters Partner9/30/2002
Schneider Interests, L.P., Russ Schneider Farms, L.L.C., Tax Matters Partner9/30/2002
Ruth Ferrarese9/30/2002
Robert A. Wodarczyk9/30/2002
Michael E. Nestor10/1/2002
William Lenehan III and Barbara Lenehan10/2/2002
David Andrew and Kathleen Stilwell Schmith10/2/2002
John F. Heyse10/3/2002
Richard S. and Mary L. Garcia10/3/2002
Charles B. Owens and Sally L. Owens10/3/2002
Robert and Martha Emanuel10/3/2002
Joseph P. and Mary B. McDonald10/4/2002
Martin and Suzanne Higbee10/4/2002
Gilfred B. and Patricia Swartz10/4/2002
Gerald A. and Henrietta V. Rauenhorst10/7/2002
Craig A. Penfield10/7/2002
Anthony M. Davich10/7/2002
LaTanya Haywood10/8/2002
Dieter Stussy10/8/2002
Bassam J. Abdallah10/8/2002
Karl V. Meier10/8/2002
Raymond M. and Joy D. Jean10/8/2002
Seymour and Phyllis C. Bronson10/9/2002
Carl L. and Eugenia T. Henn10/9/2002
Maurice W. Spiegel10/9/2002
Larry Lee Schake10/10/2002
Thomas H. Ploss10/10/2002
Danney R. Land10/10/2002
Ronald W. Nelson, Jr. and Jennifer J. Nelson10/10/2002
Edward T. O'Toole10/15/2002
Pedro Pelayo-Zabalza10/15/2002
Michael O'Keefe Sowell10/17/2002
Robert Matthew Donohoe and Jane Haregewoin Donohoe10/17/2002
Irwin I. Skoller and Marsha Skoller10/17/2002
Denny's Auto Sales, Inc.10/18/2002
Stanley D. and Rosemary A. Clough10/18/2002
Robert L. and Sara J. Helm10/18/2002
Charles G. and Daphne C. M. Hall10/21/2002
Ranie M. Raymond10/22/2002
Carlin and Joyce A. Bartschi10/22/2002
Lucy M. Wiggins10/23/2002
Casey A. Roginiel10/24/2002
Emily T. Nichols10/24/2002
Clajon Gas Co., L.P., Aquila Gas Pipeline Corp., Tax Matters Partner10/25/2002
John J. Petito10/28/2002
Robert D. Hill10/29/2002
Augustin B. Jombo10/29/2002
Anthony J. Carino, Jr. and Jill V. Carino10/29/2002
Robert P. Geiszler, Jr. and Penny V. Geiszler10/29/2002
Estate of Frank Armstrong, Jr., Deceased, Frank Armstrong III, Executor10/29/2002
Salvation Navy, Inc.10/30/2002
Jose A. Perez10/30/2002
FRGC Investment, LLC, James P. Mehen, Tax Matters Partner10/31/2002
Jose Antonio Rios11/1/2002
Curtis B. Keene11/1/2002
James Lindsey and Lynne Lindsey11/4/2002
Robert B. Leppin11/5/2002
William and Shirley Pratt11/6/2002
Mona L. Purcell11/7/2002
Evans Publishing, Inc.11/7/2002
E. Carolyn Mellen11/7/2002
Virgil Cato11/12/2002
Vincent S. Sciabica11/13/2002
Chris Alan Roberts11/13/2002
Tan Dang & Ke T. Chaw Dang v. Commissioner11/14/2002
Michael Craig v. Commissioner11/14/2002
Larry Minnick and Charla Minnick v. Commissioner11/18/2002
Valentina Perrah v. Commissioner11/18/2002
Emmitt Haskell Pack11/19/2002
John Michael Kernan11/20/2002
John Maier III11/20/2002
Jeanne M. Trent11/20/2002
Karl and Birgit Jahina11/21/2002
Arthur O. & Wanda E. Trevino11/21/2002
Gregory Paul and Denise M. Violette11/21/2002
Paul A. and Marilyn J. Grothues11/25/2002
Fay Dalton, Petitioner, and Robert Dalton, Intervenor11/25/2002
Russell L. and Ruth C. Voorhees11/25/2002
Duane S. Ashley11/25/2002
Sanford M. and Sally Kirshenbaum11/25/2002
Steve Dale Horn11/25/2002
Phyllis Herrmann Witcher11/26/2002
Joseph T. Tornichio11/26/2002
Thomas K. and Billie J. Scallen11/27/2002
Lapham Foundation, Inc.11/27/2002
Best Auto Sales, Inc.12/2/2002
Lewis Peter and Judy Hasty Larson12/2/2002
Steven John Rennie12/2/2002
Michael R. Loffer12/4/2002
Christie E. Cuddeback and Lucille M. Cuddeback Memorial Fund12/6/2002
Estate of John L. Baird, Deceased, Ellen B. Kirkland and J. Samuel Baird, Co-Executors12/6/2002
Estate of Elma Middleton Dailey, Deceased, Donor, K. Robert Dailey, II, Executor12/9/2002
Henry A. Rabago12/11/2002
Phillip Lee Allen and Carolyn F. Allen12/11/2002
Marcel Toto Ngosso12/11/2002
Stuart M. Smith, Jr.12/12/2002
W. August Hillenbrand and Nancy K. Hillenbrand12/12/2002
Jimmie L. Williams and Annie W. Williams, Deceased, Jimmie L. Williams, Personal Representative12/12/2002
Brian G. Takaba12/16/2002
Edgar L. and Joan H. Parker12/16/2002
Rosalinda E. Alt12/17/2002
Tsutomu Tedokon12/17/2002
Carol A. Black and William R. Adams12/17/2002
George J. and Sophia Mantakounis12/17/2002
James V. Abrams and Laurie Abrams12/19/2002
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company and Subsidiaries12/19/2002
John A. Francisco12/19/2002
Lyndell Scott Hegwood12/20/2002
Joyce E. Hastings12/23/2002
Daniel V. Alfaro and Irma L. Alfaro12/23/2002
Raymond Wright12/26/2002
Fred Allnutt12/26/2002
Peter John Mihok12/26/2002
Joseph Allen Gingrich12/27/2002
William T. Butler, Transferee12/27/2002
Christopher Kiley12/27/2002
Dale Curtis Kinslow12/27/2002
Joseph W. Dorn12/30/2002
Brenda H. Robinson12/30/2002
Raymond J. and Jacquelyn M. Byrne12/30/2002
Thomas Lee Woodall12/30/2002
Linda A. Fields12/30/2002
Paul F. Nichols and Eleanore M. Nichols12/30/2002
Fletcher H. Hyler12/30/2002

Last modified: May 25, 2011