David C. Jonson and Estate of Barbara J. Jonson, Deceased - Page 9

                                        - 9 -                                         
          and balanced the bank statements and wrote checks on the checking           
          account (the joint checking account) to pay routine household               
               Barbara managed her retirement savings.  During the audit              
          years, she and David were both partners in a partnership,                   
          Continental South Apartments.  In 1980, Barbara recommended to              
          David that they sell an apartment house they owned because                  
          Barbara thought they were not making money on the investment.               
          David followed her recommendation, and they sold the apartment              
          house in the same year.  Neither David nor Barbara made any                 
          attempt to deceive the other with regard to his or her respective           
          financial affairs.  Barbara participated in financial matters               
          with David, who valued her advice and participation.                        
               Vulcan was a limited partnership formed to invest in                   
          technology for the recovery of oil and gas.  David invested in              
          Vulcan on October 2, 1981.  On that date, he signed the “Vulcan             
          Oil Technology Partners Subscription Agreement” (the subscription           
          agreement), and he delivered to the promoters of Vulcan a check             
          in the amount of $18,750 and two promissory notes in like                   
          amounts, which notes he subsequently paid, also by check.  All              
          three checks were drawn on the joint checking account.  Because             
          she routinely balanced the checkbook, Barbara saw the checks when           
          they cleared.                                                               

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Last modified: May 25, 2011