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                                        - 3 -                                         
                                    SECTION NINE                                      
                    PAYMENT OF JOINT DEBTS BY HUSBAND AND WIFE                        
                    All existing [debts] of the husband and wife shall                
               remain the joint obligations of the husband and wife.                  
               The major joint debts of the parties are past due                      
               income taxes, both federal and state.  These                           
               obligations, by operation of law, are joint obligations                
               and such obligations cannot be changed from being joint                
               obligations by the parties.  Currently, the wife is                    
               paying New York State for past income taxes and the                    
               husband is making payments under a Chapter 13 plan and                 
               the Federal taxes are the priority creditor.  Both the                 
               husband and wife recognize that it is in their best                    
               interest to pay all such taxes as quickly as possible.                 
               The husband and wife agree to use their best efforts to                
               pay such taxes and to continue to make payments as set                 
               forth above.  Should either party become unable to pay,                
               the other party shall be, as a matter of law, required                 
               to pay all remaining unpaid taxes.  However, any                       
               payments made by one of the parties, either voluntarily                
               or involuntarily, shall not be reimbursed by the other                 
                 *       *       *       *       *       *       *                    
                                  SECTION EIGHTEEN                                    
                                 INCOME TAX RETURNS                                   
                    The parties agree that commencing with the tax                    
               year 1995 (due April 15, 1996), either party may file                  
               separately unless both parties mutually agree to file                  
               jointly.  The parties agree that the husband and wife                  
               shall remain jointly responsible without contribution                  
               from the other to pay any deficiency in income taxes,                  
               federal and state, relating to the marital income of                   
               the parties for earlier years.  Husband and wife shall                 
               also remain jointly liable to pay any penalty or                       
               interest arising from such income tax liability.                       
               On December 29, 1995, a final judgment of divorce was                  
          entered and filed by the Supreme Court of New York (County of               
          Schoharie).  The Maiers’ marriage was terminated pursuant to the            

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