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            Calesa was his daughter.  During 1995, petitioner took a blood                              
            test that determined he was not Calesa’s biological father.                                 
            Calesa still thinks petitioner is her father.                                               
                  During 1997, Calesa lived the majority of the year with Ms.                           
            Harrell in public housing.  Calesa spent Friday nights through                              
            mid-day Sunday with petitioner.  Calesa split holidays between                              
            Ms. Harrell and petitioner; i.e., if Calesa spent Thanksgiving                              
            with petitioner, she spent Christmas with Ms. Harrell.                                      
                  During 1997, petitioner worked at Valvoline Instant Oil                               
            Change.  He was paid approximately $8.70 per hour.  His earned                              
            income and modified adjusted gross income for 1997 was $11,847.                             
                  Calesa received no support from her biological father.                                
            During 1997, petitioner purchased approximately $400 worth of                               
            clothing and shoes for Calesa.  Petitioner bought most of                                   
            Calesa’s clothes.  Petitioner provided babysitters for Calesa.                              
            Petitioner also took Calesa out for meals at Burger King,                                   
            McDonald’s, and other restaurants that children like.                                       
                  Petitioner still sees Calesa and provides some support for                            
            her even though he is not her biological father.                                            
            Tax Return and Collection Activities                                                        
                  Petitioner filed a Federal individual income tax return for                           
            1997.  On his 1997 return, petitioner listed Calesa as his                                  
            daughter and claimed her as a dependent.  He also claimed head-                             
            of-household status and an earned income credit (EIC).                                      

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