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          together in the marital home until July 25, 1997, when petitioner           
          and Matthew moved out.  Although Matthew moved into a new                   
          residence with petitioner in July 1997, the record is unclear as            
          to whether Matthew continued to live with petitioner for the                
          remainder of 1997.  Ms. Richards continued to live in the marital           
          home with Brigid and Shannon for the remainder of the year.                 
               Ms. Richards was awarded permanent custody of all three                
          children.  Petitioner and Ms. Richards were divorced in August              
          1998.  Effective August 1, 1997, petitioner was obligated to pay            
          $784.62 biweekly in alimony and $346.84 biweekly in child support           
          pursuant to the terms of the Report and Recommendation of General           
          Master on Motion for Temporary Relief (the Report) and the Order            
          of the Pinellas County Circuit Court (the Order).  Petitioner did           
          not pay the full amount of the alimony as scheduled.  The records           
          that petitioner submitted, including a Family Law Case History              
          from Pinellas County, photocopies of petitioner’s calendar with             
          handwritten notes and calculations, photocopies of petitioner’s             
          handwritten checking account balance sheets, and Ms. Richards’s             
          handwritten notes with photocopies of canceled checks that                  
          respondent submitted indicate that petitioner made the following            
          alimony and child support payments:                                         

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