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          for $211,000.                                                               
          Claimed Rental Expenses                                                     
               At all relevant times, petitioners owned certain real                  
          property located at 5005 Doon Way (Doon Way residence) in                   
          Anacortes.  During the years at issue, the Doon Way residence was           
          petitioners’ primary residence.                                             
               At certain times during 1996, petitioners rented the Doon              
          Way residence to various individuals.  The respective periods for           
          those rentals generally were short, lasting no more than two or             
          three days, except during June, when petitioners rented the Doon            
          Way residence for the entire month.                                         
               During 1997, petitioners placed a classified advertisement             
          with Skagit Valley Publishing, in which the Doon Way residence              
          was offered for rent.  Petitioners did not rent the Doon Way                
          residence during 1997.                                                      
          Certain Amounts Expended by Petitioners                                     
               On the dates shown below, petitioners paid the following               
          amounts to the payees indicated by issuing checks drawn on a                
          checking account in the name “Steven or Ellen Stoddard                      

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Last modified: May 25, 2011