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          recognize Lualhati N. Campos as the next friend of petitioner               
          Francisco E. Campos, Jr., for purposes of prosecuting this case.            
               Petitioners Francisco E. Campos, Jr. (Mr. Campos), and                 
          Lualhati N. Campos (Mrs. Campos), are husband and wife.  On                 
          October 15, 2002, respondent issued to petitioners a joint notice           
          of deficiency.  In the notice, respondent determined a deficiency           
          of $18,096 in petitioners’ Federal income tax for 2000 and an               
          accuracy-related penalty under section 6662(a).  On December 2,             
          2002, the Court received and filed a timely petition for                    
          redetermination challenging the above-described notice of                   
          deficiency.  Mrs. Campos signed the petition for herself and on             
          behalf of Mr. Campos.                                                       
               Attached to the petition is a letter, dated May 8, 2002,               
          signed by Matthew Horn, M.D., Medical Director for Sharp Coronado           
          Hospital.  The letter states that Mr. Campos was admitted to the            
          hospital on November 5, 1993, suffering from a number of                    
          disabling medical conditions and that “Mr. Campos is unresponsive           
          at this time unable to make any medical or financial decisions.”            
               On March 12, 2003, Mrs. Campos filed a Motion to Appoint               
          Guardian Ad Litem and Substitute Party.  The motion states that             
          Mrs. Campos does not have the authority to act on her husband’s             
          behalf and that Mrs. Campos requests that the Court appoint her             

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