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          Carolina, and various Navy bases.  The work he did at home                  
          included long distance conference calls to discuss technical                
          issues, receiving and reviewing documents, and faxing documents             
          back and forth to his colleagues with comments.  When petitioner            
          moved to Texas in 1996, the Navy increased the travel budget on             
          petitioner’s projects in order to retain his services.  Even                
          after he moved, as he testified:  “[F]ax machines and emails and            
          telephones [proved] adequate to provide that service.  And most             
          of the other work was done, again, flying around the country.”              
               Petitioner continued to perform such services through 1998.            
          In 1998, the major project petitioner was working on was                    
          completed.  Thereafter, petitioner worked on smaller projects,              
          but the amount of available work waned.  Eventually, petitioner             
          was no longer providing any services or receiving compensation              
          from Techmatics, although his affiliation with Techmatics                   
          continued.  In May 1998, Techmatics was acquired by Anteon Corp.            
          On March 31, 2000, a vice president of Anteon terminated the                
          company’s relationship with petitioner via a letter that stated,            
          in pertinent part:                                                          

               According to our records, you have been a “part time”                  
               employee with Anteon Corporation, Systems Engineering Group            
               (formerly Techmatics Inc.) since November 1996.  However,              
               our records show that you have not worked for the company in           
               calendar year 1999.  Therefore, in keeping with Anteon                 
               Corporation’s standard practices, your employment will be              
               discontinued effective April 1, 2000.                                  

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