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          admitted.  The Court issued a notice of filing of respondent’s              
          Rule 37(c) motion, which indicated that the Rule required                   
          petitioners to file a reply by August 20, 1998.  The notice                 
          advised petitioners that filing such a reply would lead to a                
          denial of respondent’s motion but that upon failure to so reply             
          “the Court will grant respondent’s motion and deem admitted for             
          purposes of this case the affirmative allegations in the answer.”           
          When petitioners did not reply, the Court granted respondent’s              
          motion on August 27, 1998.                                                  
               Respondent thereafter sent to the Court a document that Ms.            
          Kaufman mailed to respondent and which appeared to be a photocopy           
          of a reply to answer by Ms. Kaufman.  On September 30, 1998, the            
          Court entered an order vacating its grant of respondent’s Rule              
          37(c) motion and extending to October 30, 1998, the time for                
          petitioners to file an originally signed reply.  When this order            
          was returned to the Court unclaimed by the U.S. Postal Service,             
          reflecting another address for petitioners, the Court again                 
          extended the date for a reply, to December 4, 1998, and directed            
          service of the order to the new address.                                    
               On December 18, 1998, having received no reply from                    
          petitioners, the Court granted respondent’s Rule 37(c) motion and           
          ordered that “the affirmative allegations of fact set forth in              
          subparagraphs (a) through (g) of paragraph 6 of respondent’s                

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