Malcolm I. Lewin and Trina Lewin - Page 30

                                       - 30 -                                         
               Becker had no education, special qualifications, or                    
          professional skills in plastics engineering, plastics recycling,            
          or plastics materials.  In evaluating the Plastics Recycling                
          transactions and organizing the SAB recycling partnerships,                 
          Becker supposedly relied upon:  (1) The memorandum and the                  
          accompanying materials; (2) a tour of the PI facility in Hyannis;           
          (3) discussions with insiders to the transactions; (4) Michael              
          Canno (Canno), a client of Becker Co.; and (5) his investigation            
          of the reputation and background of PI and persons involved in              
          the transactions.                                                           
               Despite his lack of knowledge regarding the product, the               
          target market, and the technical aspects at the heart of the                
          Plastics Recycling transactions, Becker did not hire an expert in           
          plastics materials or plastics recycling.  The only independent             
          person having any connection with the plastics industry with whom           
          Becker spoke was Canno.  Canno was part owner and the production            
          manager of Equitable Bag Co., a manufacturer of paper and plastic           
          bags.  Becker spoke to Canno about the recyclers and PI, but he             
          did not hire or pay him for any advice.  Canno did not visit the            
          PI plant in Hyannis, see or test a recycler, or see or test any             
          of the output from a recycler or the recycled resin pellets after           
          further processing.  According to Becker, Canno endorsed the                
          Plastics Recycling transactions after reviewing the memorandum.             

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