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          tax deposits were made for Exley’s compensation.  Prior to the              
          quarter ended July 31, 1998, petitioner’s Forms 941 were signed             
          by A. Pavlik in his capacity as treasurer of petitioner.  The               
          Form 941 that was filed for the quarter ended June 30, 1998, was            
          originally signed by A. Pavlik, but his name was crossed out.               
          Deborah A. Venci’s (Venci) name replaced A. Pavlik’s on the                 
          Form 941.  Venci signed petitioner’s Forms 941 that were filed on           
          and after October 16, 1998, in her capacity as safety officer of            
               Because petitioner’s tax deposits exceeded the tax                     
          liabilities that were assessed for the Forms 941 for all                    
          quarterly periods that Exley received compensation, the Internal            
          Revenue Service refunded the excess of the deposits over the tax            
          assessed or applied the excess to other tax periods or applied              
          the excess to an “excess collections” account.                              
          Petitioner’s Intrafamily Litigation                                         
               There have been differences between the Naylors and the                
          Pavliks that have resulted in a series of lawsuits.  A constant             
          source of friction among petitioner’s directors has been the                
          employment of E. Naylor’s and A. Pavlik’s children.  E. Naylor’s            
          children, Venci and Linda Yanok (Yanok), and A. Pavlik’s                    
          children, D. Pavlik, Carol Walden, and Exley, have worked for               
          petitioner at various times.  As of August 1, 1994, based on a              
          directive by E. Naylor, paychecks for all Pavlik and Naylor                 

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