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                         f) Respondent shall have and retain one-half of              
               the stocks and bonds currently owned by the parties and the            
                         *    *    *    *    *    *    *                              
                         h) Other than hereinafter provided, the parties              
               acknowledge that they have equitably divided the real and              
               personal property between them so that the personal property           
               in each party’s possession may remain and be owned by that             
               party free and clear of any claim of the other.                        
               On July 2, 1980, the District Court of El Paso County,                 
          Colorado (the divorce court), entered a decree dissolving the               
          marriage between petitioner and Mr. Jefferies.  The divorce                 
          decree incorporates by reference the provisions of the separation           
               In 1992, Mr. Jefferies retired from the military.                      
          Petitioner mailed an Application For Former Spouse Payments From            
          Retired Pay, DD Form 2293, FEB 91, to the Defense Finance and               
          Accounting Service (DFAS) in Denver, Colorado.  In the                      
          application, she requested direct payment from DFAS of 50 percent           
          of disposable retired pay per month based on 20 years of service            
          at the rank of lieutenant colonel and attached a copy of the                
          divorce decree as per the instructions on the application.                  
          Starting in January of 1993 and continuing for all relevant                 
          periods, petitioner received directly from DFAS monthly payments            
          of $1,080.23 (the military retirement payments).  The parties               
          have stipulated that during 2000 petitioner’s military retirement           
          payments totaled (ostensibly after rounding) $12,962.                       

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