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               On July 20, 2001, petitioner and his wife separated.  She              
          moved out of the marital premises along with the three children.            
          Petitioner thereafter filed a Complaint For Divorce in the                  
          District Court, Family Division, Clark County, Nevada, against              
          his spouse.2  A Decree of Divorce was rendered on February 21,              
               In the divorce decree, the "primary physical custody" of the           
          three children was awarded to Mrs. Gallardo.  Visitation                    
          privileges for petitioner were provided.  The divorce decree                
          further provided for payment of child support by petitioner in              
          the amount of $560 per month and an additional amount of $50 per            
          month for child care.  The decree further ordered petitioner to             
          pay $3,920 for "back child support", payable at the rate of $50             
          per month.  It appears from the record that the "back child                 
          support" represented petitioner's obligation for child support              
          from the date the parties separated in July 2001 (7 months at               
          $560 per month) to the date of their divorce.  Petitioner                   
          admitted at trial that he paid no support to his wife and                   
          children from the date Mrs. Gallardo moved out of their                     
          matrimonial domicile in July 2001 until he was ordered to pay               

               2    The evidence conflicts as to the date the complaint was           
          filed.  The acknowledgment or affidavit accompanying the                    
          complaint is dated Oct. 19, 2001; however, the complaint was                
          filed with the court on Jan. 10, 2002.  The different dates are             
          not material to the issues in the case.                                     

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