Harbor Cove Marina Partners Partnership, Robert A. Collins, A Partner Other Than The Tax Matters Partner - Page 7

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          decisions made by Sunroad corporation as to that business.  This            
          animosity led to Sunroad corporation’s suing Collins in San Diego           
          Superior Court in an attempt to compel a buyout of his HCMP                 
          interest.  This litigation ended unfavorably to Sunroad                     
               On or about November 19, 1996, Sunroad corporation assigned            
          its interest in HCMP to Sunroad Real Estate Holding Corporation             
          (Sunroad Real Estate) to reflect a change in name from the former           
          to the latter.  Approximately 8 months later, in or about August            
          1997, Hope and Hope Jr., sold their interests in HCMP to Marina             
          Holdings Partners, L.P. (Marina Holdings), a California limited             
          partnership that was formed on May 29, 1997.3  On or about                  
          December 31, 1997, Sunroad Real Estate was liquidated, and its              
          HCMP interest was assigned to Sunroad Asset Management, Inc.                
          (Sunroad Asset), the general partner of Marina Holdings.4                   
          Contemporaneous with the liquidation of Sunroad Real Estate,                
          HCMP’s partnership agreement was amended to reflect the                     
          aforementioned assignment and sales and to reflect the fact that            
          (1) Marina Holdings as part of the sales assumed all HCMP                   

               3 The parties refer to Marina Holdings as Marina Holding.              
          We use the former name because that is the name in which Marina             
          Holdings filed its 1998 partnership return.                                 
               4 The address of the principal place of business of Sunroad            
          Asset was the same San Diego address as that of HCMP, Sunroad               
          corporation, Marina Holdings, and a California general                      
          partnership named Sunroad Marina Partners (Sunroad general                  

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Last modified: May 25, 2011