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          the record.  The Court specifically asked petitioner whether she            
          agreed to settle the case on the recited basis, and petitioner              
          agreed as follows:                                                          
                    MR. LOPATA [Respondent’s counsel]:  Good morning, Your            
               Honor.  I’m happy to say that we have reached a basis of               
               settlement in this case, and we would like to read that                
               basis into the record at this time.                                    
                    THE COURT:  That’s fine.  After you do that, I’ll -–              
               Ms. Mitchell, I’ll ask you if you agree to settle the case             
               on the basis that he has stated.                                       
                    MS. MITCHELL:  All right.                                         
                              *    *    *    *    *    *                              
                    MR. LOPATA:  * * * I believe that summarizes our basis            
               for settlement of this case, Your Honor.                               
                    THE COURT:  That covers all the issues that have been             
               in dispute?                                                            
                    MR. LOPATA:  I believe so, Your Honor.                            
                    THE COURT:  Ms. Mitchell, do you agree to settle the              
               case on that basis?                                                    
                    MS. MITCHELL:  Yes, I do.                                         
          The Court ordered that the parties provide the Court with a                 
          decision document reflecting the settlement by May 21, 1998.                
               Petitioner and respondent met in early June 1998, to review            
          the settlement computations.  After petitioner failed to return             
          the decision document to respondent, respondent called petitioner           
          on September 9, 1998, to arrange a meeting for September 14,                
          1998.  At the meeting, petitioner refused to sign the stipulation           
          and decision documents even though petitioner agreed that the               

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