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               beginning sometime in ‘93, that you didn’t claim on                    
               your tax return?                                                       
                    MR. ROBERTSON:  That was when I went to court and                 
               got custody of her.  I should have filed her.  Yes,                    
               sir, I should have filed her, but I didn’t.                            
                    THE COURT:  Okay.                                                 
                    MR. ROBERTSON:  I had just went through a divorce                 
               and I wasn’t doing that right.                                         
                    THE COURT:  And that continued through ‘99?  Is                   
               that what you said?                                                    
                    MR. ROBERTSON:  I never put her on.  She went all                 
               the way through school, and finished school, and she                   
               went about a year or something in nursing.  I never did                
               put her on.                                                            
                    THE COURT:  So you believe this condition existed                 
               in ‘93?                                                                
                    MR. ROBERTSON:  She was 16 when I had gotten her.                 
               I think she stayed with me until she finished school,                  
               and then she went to nursing school, and then she might                
               have left about 20, when she left my house, and got her                
               an apartment, and bought her a car.  I think she moved                 
               along there somewhere.                                                 
                    THE COURT:  So she was how old when you got her,                  
                    MR. ROBERTSON:  Yes, sir.                                         
                    THE COURT:  And you think she moved out when she                  
               was 20?                                                                
                    MR. ROBERTSON:  I think that’s about right.                       
                    THE COURT:  So if you added four years--if you                    
               took 20 and subtracted 16, that leaves four years that                 
               she lived in your house.  Is that correct?                             
                    MR. ROBERTSON:  That’s correct.                                   

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