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          Mr. Karaszkiewicz a letter referencing the copies and stating, in           
          pertinent part:                                                             
               I have not received these documents.  The offer was the                
               only collection alternative proposed in your appeal.                   
               Please be advised that I am offering one final                         
               opportunity for you to provide the information for                     
               consideration as an alternative means of collection.                   
               You have 15 days from the date of this letter to file                  
               an offer in compromise or send me a written proposal on                
               how you plan to resolve these liabilities.  Enclosed                   
               are Forms 656 and 433-A.                                               
               If the documents are not received within 15 days, I                    
               will issue a determination letter based on current                     
               information.  No further extensions or exceptions will                 
               be considered.                                                         
          On November 26, 2002, Mr. Karaszkiewicz sent to Mr. Kroll copies            
          of the requested documents.                                                 
               The offer in compromise proposed to pay a total of $15,000             
          by remitting $5,000 within 90 days of acceptance and the balance            
          in 10 monthly installments of $1,000.  In conjunction with his              
          review of the offer, Mr. Kroll both contacted Mr. Karaszkiewicz             
          by telephone with questions regarding the materials provided and            
          subsequently sent a letter dated January 21, 2003,2 requesting              
          additional information necessary for consideration of the offer.            
          The letter also advised:  “Please see that I receive the                    
          requested information no later than February 18, 2003.  Failure             
          to submit the information may result in the recommendation that             

               2 We note that Mr. Kroll’s case activity record in one                 
          instance, specifically the entry for March 10, 2003, apparently             
          refers to this letter erroneously as the “1/31/03 letter”.                  

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