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          employer’s 401(k) qualified retirement plan.  This retirement               
          plan was established by Robicon through Vanguard Fiduciary Trust            
          Co.  At the time of her dismissal from Robicon, the plan was                
          valued at about $1,170.  After her dismissal from Robicon,                  
          petitioner once again began to receive unemployment benefits for            
          the remainder of 1999.                                                      
               Petitioner moved from Pennsylvania to California in January            
          2000 to care for her sister.  Petitioner was receiving                      
          unemployment benefits from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania when            
          she moved to California.  However, petitioner did not receive               
          unemployment benefits from California in 2000 because she was not           
               During 2000, petitioner had a sporadic employment record.              
          Between January and April 2000, petitioner was employed on a                
          “project by project” basis by Changing Places, a packing and                
          moving company.  From April 2000 until the end of the year,                 
          petitioner was employed on a “project by project” basis designing           
          closets by Ronald Duerksen.  Petitioner earned purely commission            
          income from her employment with Ronald Duerksen, and such                   
          compensation was reported on her Schedule C, Profit or Loss From            
               During 1999, petitioner had COBRA medical insurance coverage           
          due to her previous employment at Robicon.  Petitioner paid a               
          $239 per month insurance premium for the insurance policy, which            

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