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             shows all of the transactions that affect the balance of                 
             petitioner’s account for the year.  These transactions are               
             shown in the appendix in the column designated “Other                    
             Events” (col. G).  Some “events” increase petitioner’s                   
             liability, such as income tax assessments, refunds, and the              
             application of interim overpayments from the current year                
             to the tax liability for other years.  These are shown as                
             positive numbers.  Other “events” reduce petitioner’s                    
             liability, such as tax payments, the carryback of a net                  
             operating loss from a later year, or the carryback of a                  
             foreign tax credit from a later year.  These are shown as                
             negative numbers.                                                        
                  Each appendix shows the balance of petitioner’s                     
             account as of various dates.  The account balance on a                   
             particular date may be a positive number, indicating an                  
             interim underpayment, or a negative number, indicating an                
             interim overpayment.                                                     
                  The account balance on a particular date comprises                  
             the prior transactions that were booked to the account,                  
             such as tax payments by petitioner, refunds to petitioner,               
             and the like.  The account balance also includes the                     
             interest computed on prior balances as noted in the columns              
             designated overpayment interest (col. H) and underpayment                
             interest (col. I).                                                       

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Last modified: May 25, 2011