Estate of Emanuel Trompeter, Deceased, Robin Carol Trompeter Gonzalez and Janet Ilene Trompeter Polachek, Co-Executors - Page 36

               8.  Silk handmade beige rug, three x five feet                         
               9.  Silk handmade beige rug, six x nine feet                           
               10. Isfahan handmade fine quality wool,                                
                    five x seven feet                                                 
               11.  Silk handmade masterpiece rug, six x nine feet                    
               12.  Three items of jade                                               
               13.  Various items of ivory                                            
          14.  Mother-of-pearl inlay dining room set with a carved                    
          pedestal and 14 chairs                                                      
               15.  Two curio cabinets with mother-of-pearl inlay                     
               16.  Black artwork lacquer desk and chair                              
               17.  Black Ming chair                                                  
               18.  Four-piece, two table rosewood curio stand                        
               Testimony and documentary evidence also establish the                  
          existence of other unreported assets which were includable in the           
          taxable estate.  Hesselgesser, who like the decedent was a                  
          collector, testified credibly that he met with the decedent on a            
          few occasions to discuss and inspect the decedent’s collections             
          of guns, gold coins, jewelry, ivory, and music.  Hesselgesser’s             
          testimony persuades us that the decedent had “several”                      
          collections of ivory and that the decedent in the summer of 1991            
          owned several large diamonds (e.g., 30 and 40 carats), several              
          tennis bracelets, and several large necklaces with emeralds and             
          diamonds.  Hesselgesser’s wife testified credibly that the                  
          decedent near his death possessed several diamond necklaces and             
          an extensive music collection.  The decedent’s friend, Joanne               
          Standard (Standard), testified credibly that the decedent                   
          possessed eight to 10 tennis bracelets, some of which had one-ct.           
          diamonds all around the bracelet, “fabulous” emerald necklaces,             

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