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          Street, Queens, New York.  Petitioner never signed a lease for              
          his occupancy at this apartment.  Petitioner also did not                   
          introduce any evidence such as utility bills for the above                  
          residence.  Petitioner further explained that during 2002 Ms.               
          Hernandez lived at 233 South Fourth Street, Brooklyn, New York.             
          Petitioner testified that Ms. Hernandez would periodically visit            
          him and Gabriella at his residence on Bleeker Street.                       
               However, respondent called a paralegal specialist in the               
          Office of Chief Counsel to testify.  This witness testified that            
          on a prior occasion petitioner stated that he lived with Ms.                
          Hernandez, Gabriella, and Ms. Hernandez’s other child.                      
               Petitioner testified that he and Gabriella moved to 155                
          South Fourth Street, Apartment 15, Brooklyn, New York, later in             
          the year of 2002 or early 2003, but that he did not notify                  
          Gabriella’s school of this move because he wanted to keep her in            
          the school to which she had grown accustomed.                               
               Petitioner testified that, during 2002, he drove Gabriella             
          to school at about 8 a.m. in the morning, then worked as an                 
          independent taxi driver throughout the day.  Gabriella attended             
          an after-school program until 5:35 p.m., when she was then picked           
          up by petitioner.  Petitioner then drove Gabriella to her                   
          maternal grandmother’s house, where Gabriella stayed while                  
          petitioner went back to work.  At her grandmother’s house,                  
          Gabriella had dinner and was taken care of by her grandmother.              

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