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          Mr. Ahmad was enrolled in the program until 2002, when the                  
          university notified him that he had not passed a written                    
               In 1998, Ms. Ahmad obtained a divorce from Mr. Ahmad in a              
          Jordanian court.  Mr. Ahmad married his second wife, Khitam                 
          Amerneh, in 1999, and petitioners had their first child in                  
          February 2000.  In November 2000, Ms. Ahmad was granted a divorce           
          in the United States by the Court of Common Pleas in Lucas                  
          County, Ohio (Court of Common Pleas).  The Court of Common Pleas            
          awarded Ms. Ahmad alimony and found that the Angola Road property           
          and Mr. Ahmad’s PERS pension constituted marital property subject           
          to division.  The divorce decree does not indicate that the Court           
          of Common Pleas considered the fact that Mr. Ahmad had a new wife           
          and child to support.  During the divorce proceedings, a lender             
          foreclosed on a mortgage attached to the Angola Road property,              
          and Mr. Ahmad eventually lost the property.                                 
               Petitioners moved to California in 2000, where Mr. Ahmad has           
          since worked for the California Department of Transportation.               
          Mr. Ahmad testified that in 2001 he worked 8 hours per day and              
          earned over $50,000.  In 2001, an early distribution of $83,881             
          was received by Mr. Ahmad from his PERS pension.  Mr. Ahmad wired           
          the distribution proceeds, after $16,776 of Federal income tax              
          was withheld, to Mr. Sulieman to reimburse him for the loss from            
          the foreclosure of the Angola Road property.                                

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