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               Petitioner is an enrolled member of a Chippewa Indian tribe            
          located in Wisconsin, called the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake               
          Superior Chippewa Indians, a federally recognized American Indian           
          tribe.  The leadership of the tribe consists of an elected tribal           
               During 2001, petitioner worked for the tribe in two                    
          capacities.  First, petitioner worked as an elected member of the           
          tribal council, which council enacts ordinances relating to                 
          activities of the tribe.  Second, petitioner worked as a                    
          secretary or executive assistant to the tribal president, in                
          which capacity petitioner handled correspondence relating to the            
               During 2001, petitioner received $24,550 for her work as a             
          member of the tribal council and $33,295 for her work as                    
          secretary or executive assistant to the tribal president.                   
               On her filed Federal income tax returns for years prior to             
          2001, petitioner apparently reported amounts she received from              
          the tribe as income.                                                        
               During 2001, the tribe did not withhold any income or                  
          employment taxes from the $24,550 and the $33,295 the tribe paid            
               On two separate Forms 1099-Misc, Miscellaneous Income, for             
          2001, issued by the tribe to petitioner and reported to                     
          respondent, the $24,550 relating to petitioner’s work as a member           

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