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          told the EEOC that Ivy Tech required her to do filing despite her           
          doctors’ orders.  On a date not stated in the record, petitioner            
          had surgery to correct her carpal tunnel syndrome.  Shortly after           
          petitioner returned to work, she tripped over some boxes at her             
          workplace, fell, and injured her back.  She received physical               
          therapy for the injury.  Petitioner made worker’s compensation              
          claims for her carpal tunnel and back injuries.  Petitioner was             
          hospitalized for 2 to 3 weeks for depression in March 2002.                 
          D.   Settlement of Petitioner’s Claims and Tax Treatment of It              
               Petitioner signed a document entitled Settlement Agreement             
          and Release on March 21, 2002, which included the following:                
                    In consideration of the release and all of the                    
               promises and representations made by Bond in this                      
               Agreement, the College will allow Bond to resign,                      
               effective March 20, 2002 and pay to Bond the total sum                 
               of [$25,000].  The College will issue an IRS Form 1099                 
               to Bond reflecting the payment set forth above in this                 
               paragraph 1.                                                           
                     *     *     *     *     *     *     *                            
               The parties further agree that the College * * * will                  
               not authorize any of its representatives or legal                      
               agents to discuss this Agreement or the circumstances                  
               surrounding its making with anyone outside the College,                
               unless required to do so by law, nor will The College                  
               authorize any of its representatives or legal agents to                
               make any disparaging remarks or comments to any other                  
               person and/or entity about Bond.                                       
               In the settlement agreement, petitioner released Ivy Tech              
          from all claims except her pending claims under the Indiana                 
          worker’s compensation law, for claims due to injuries which                 
          occurred before the date of the agreement.  The settlement                  

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