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                                        - 5 -                                         
          tracked them on his office computer.                                        
               Jerry moved some of the money out of those accounts into               
          places where it was conceivable that Linda might have noticed it.           
          He invested over $5,000 with A.G. Edwards and another $70,000               
          with Equitable, and on their 1991 return, the Haltoms did report            
          dividend income of over $5,700 from the Equitable account.  Both            
          investments generated regular monthly statements that were sent             
          to the Haltoms’ post office box.  Linda picked up these                     
          statements along with the rest of the mail, but did not open                
               Then there was the money that Jerry spent.  While Linda paid           
          most of their household expenses out of the joint checking                  
          account, Jerry paid some of the larger expenses out of his own              
          five accounts–including an addition to their home, new furniture,           
          a new pool, landscaping, and some other large-ticket items.  He             
          also made installment payments on his cars, first an Audi and               
          then a Mercedes (though he lied to Linda and said these were both           
          Taylor Company cars).  All of Jerry’s payments during 1990, 1991,           
          and 1992, including those for the cars, totaled $137,427.2                  

               2 The parties grouped them into several categories:                    
                    House payments       $  10,666                                    
                    Car payments            39,336                                    
                    House addition          26,386                                    
                    Personal                15,538                                    
                    Furniture               13,354                                    
                    Landscaping              9,815                                    
                    Insurance                9,218                                    
                    Club expenses            4,060                                    

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