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          Korby Living Trust (the living trust), resided in Fergus Falls,             
          Minnesota.  Austin died in Minnesota.                                       
          I.   Background                                                             
               Austin and Edna were married in 1948.  They had four sons:             
          Dennis, Gary Alan Korby, Donald Wayne Korby, and Steven Glen                
          Korby.  In 1993, Austin was 79 years old and Edna was 69 years              
          old.  In February 1993, Edna was diagnosed with severe                      
          Alzheimer’s dementia.  She resided in Pelican Lake Health Care              
          Center, a nursing home, from mid-February 1993 until she died on            
          July 3, 1998, from progressive dementia.  Before 1993, Austin               
          suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with Type II diabetes,                  
          hypertension, and cardiac arrhythmias.  During 1993, Austin was             
          diagnosed with atrial fibrillation with slow ventricular                    
          response.  In August 1996, Austin was hospitalized for pneumonia            
          and an episode of congestive heart failure.  As a result, he                
          entered a nursing home for several weeks.  Austin’s health                  
          deteriorated after this episode.  In the fall of 1998, Austin was           
          hospitalized again for pneumonia and was later transferred to a             
          nursing home, where he lived until his death.  On December 2,               
          1998, Austin died of coronary artery disease, diabetes, and                 
          II. The Austin & Edna Korby Living Trust                                    
               In 1993, Austin and Dennis met with an attorney specializing           
          in estate planning.  On June 2, 1993, with the assistance of the            

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