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          who were unable to cash checks.3  Mr. Martinez testified that his           
          payment to each person depended on the type of work the                     
          individual did and the length of time that the individual worked.           
          Mr. Martinez kept no records, however, of how much time the other           
          workers worked or of his transferring income to any third                   
          parties.  Mr. Martinez also kept no records of how much income he           
          earned or retained for himself.                                             
               1.   Life Bank                                                         
               Mr. Martinez testified he split the $2,000 he received from            
          Life Bank with two other workers, Gustav Ortiz (Mr. Ortiz) and a            
          man Mr. Martinez could only identify as “another guy who is not             
          here.  He went to Mexico.”  Mr. Martinez did not know how much of           
          the $2,000 was for his own work or how much he kept.  Mr. Ortiz,            
          who has a Social Security number, testified that he worked only             
          for Mr. Martinez and that Mr. Martinez gave him approximately               
          $1,000 cash for the job, but Mr. Ortiz did not report the money             
          on a tax return or deposit the money in a bank.                             
               2.   Dr. Yury Geylikman                                                
               Mr. Martinez testified he split the $3,000 he received from            
          Dr. Yury Geylikman (Geylikman) with at least two or three other             

               3The record does not make clear the relationship between Mr.           
          Martinez and the other workers.  Mr. Martinez gave conflicting              
          testimony as to whether the other workers worked for him or                 
          merely with him.                                                            

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