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          insurance.  During 2003, Ms. Orr, KO, and NW received the                   
          following financial benefits:  (1) Food stamps for Ms. Orr and              
          her children; (2) a settlement from Social Security of                      
          approximately $6,000 “after they took out for the lawyers” for a            
          disability suffered by Ms. Orr; and (3) $152 per month in Social            
          Security benefits as a result of NW’s father being deceased.  As            
          a result of these benefits, NW received a Form SSA-1099, Social             
          Security Benefit Statement, for taxable year 2003 which reported            
          benefits received of $1,824.                                                
               In 2003, KO, who was 17 years old and a high school senior,            
          was employed by Shell-Mark Enterprises and Marshalls of                     
          Massachusetts, Inc.  Shell-Mark issued to KO a Form W-2, Wage and           
          Tax Statement, which reflected wages earned of $5,173 for taxable           
          year 2003.  Marshalls of Massachusetts, Inc., issued to KO a Form           
          W-2 which reflected wages earned of $678 for taxable year 2003.             
               During taxable year 2003, petitioner was employed as a                 
          roofer by Roofing Professionals, Inc. (Roofing) and Low Country             
          Roofing, Inc. (Low Country).  Roofing and Low Country each issued           
          to petitioner a Form W-2 which reflected wages earned during                
          taxable year 2003 of $9,636 and $9,210, respectively.                       
               Petitioner timely filed his Form 1040, U.S. Individual                 
          Income Tax Return, for taxable year 2003 as a head of household             
          and claimed dependency exemption deductions for KO and NW.                  
          Petitioner also claimed an earned income credit with KO and NW as           

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