Xilinx Inc. and Subsidiaries - Page 3

          I.   Xilinx’s Line of Business and Corporate Structure                      
               Xilinx Inc.,2 is in the business of researching, developing,           
          manufacturing, marketing, and selling field programmable logic              
          devices,3 integrated circuit devices, and other development                 
          software systems.  Petitioner uses unrelated producers to                   
          fabricate and assemble its wafers into integrated circuit                   
               During the years in issue, petitioner was the parent of a              
          group of affiliated subsidiaries including, but not limited to              
          Xilinx Holding One Ltd., Xilinx Holding Two Ltd., Xilinx                    
          Development Corporation (XDC), NeoCAD Inc.,4 Xilinx Ireland (XI),           
          and Xilinx International Corporation.  XI was established in 1994           
          as an unlimited liability company under the laws of Ireland and             
          was owned by Xilinx Holding One Ltd., and Xilinx Holding Two Ltd.           
          (i.e., Irish subsidiaries of petitioner).  XI was created to                
          manufacture field programmable logic devices and to increase                
          petitioner’s European market share.  It manufactured, marketed,             
          and sold field programmable logic devices, primarily to customers           

               2  All references to “petitioner” are to Xilinx Inc.  All              
          references to “petitioners” are to Xilinx Inc. and its                      
          consolidated subsidiaries.                                                  
               3  Field programmable logic devices are integrated circuits            
          that can be programmed, using development software, to perform              
          complex functions.                                                          
               4  NeoCAD Inc., was liquidated in 1998.                                

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Last modified: May 25, 2011