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          YS are appropriate as they are his biological children with Ms.             
              The issue of paternity first came before this Court when the            
          case was called for trial in June 2005.  At that time, although             
          petitioner maintained his readiness for trial, respondent raised            
          the issue of the possible production of amended copies of birth             
          certificates for MS and YS.  Petitioner’s subsequent request for            
          a continuance was granted, with the Judge specifically directing            
          petitioner to obtain corrected copies of the children’s birth               
              When this case was again called for trial on October 17,                
          2005, petitioner did not produce corrected birth certificates,              
          despite being provided 4 months to obtain such copies.  Trial was           
          set for October 20, 2005, in order for petitioner to obtain                 
          corrected copies of the birth certificates.  Petitioner testified           
          at trial that, although he had taken the steps necessary to                 
          obtain corrected birth certificates, new certificates had yet to            
          be issued.                                                                  
              We do not find petitioner’s testimony credible on this issue.           
          Petitioner was granted two continuances (the first lasting 4                
          months) where this Court specifically directed petitioner to                
          obtain birth certificates to establish his paternal relationship            
          to MS and YS.  Petitioner has not provided any substantiated or             
          credible evidence that he has sought to have his name added as              

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