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                                       - 10 -                                         
                    Advertising                   123                                 
                    Administrative and management   867                               
                    Correspondence                138                                 
                    Web site                      814                                 
                    Site visit                    256                                 
                    Purchasing                    244                                 
                    Acquisition                   168                                 
                    Total                    2,610                                    
               Petitioners calculated the hours reflected in the narrative            
          summary by applying a “minimal standard” to the various tasks               
          Mrs. Hanna performed.  For example, petitioners contend that                
          Mrs. Hanna spent an hour a day checking the e-mail account for              
          the rental activities to identify potential customers and delete            
          unwanted e-mails.  Petitioners arrived at this figure by                    
          measuring the time Mrs. Hanna spent performing the same task in             
          2005.  They believe this method provides an accurate estimate of            
          Mrs. Hanna’s time, even though petitioners owned four additional            
          rental properties in 2005.  Petitioners also contend that it                
          took Mrs. Hanna an average of 10 minutes to respond to each                 
          e-mail they received from potential customers.  They believe                
          this results in a conservative estimate of their time because               
          some relevant e-mails had been deleted in 2000 and thus were not            
          made part of the record.  Petitioners argue that it also took               
          Mrs. Hanna 10 minutes to pay each bill they received because she            
          often had to contact the billing company to correct errors on               
          the invoices.                                                               
               Mrs. Hanna added a number of new pages to their Internet               
          Web sites in 2000.  Petitioners contend that each Web page took             

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